• Identification of novel and candidate diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers after ACS. We are screening for novel biomarkers associated with ACS, major adverse cardiovascular events, drug efficacy and safety using systems biology approaches. Moreover, validate candidate biomarkers for risk stratification.
  • CLEVER-ACS trial. We are testing the effects of a short-term anti-inflammatory therapy using everolimus on infarct size, LV remodeling (using MRI) and mTOR-related inflammatory biomarkers and lipids.
  • Intracoronary imaging using intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and optical coherence tomography (OCT). We are assessing the natural course of bio-absorbable stents for restenosis, neo-atherosclerosis and plaque progression in coronary arteries. We correlate these parameters with novel and candidate plasma biomarkers.
  • Optimization of care and prevention after ACS. As part of the ELIPS program, we are optimizing care in patients after ACS. We test adherence to guidelines and try to detect the areas and causes for non-adherence. As such, we assess achievment of target LDL cholesterol levels in secondary prevention.