• Funding by the SNSF 2009 to 2015. Additional support by local foundations and industry.
  • Excellent patient recruitment: The cohort recruited >3’600 patients into the biomarker cohort, over 1’000 and 100 patients into the interventional COMFORTABLE AMI and imaging IBIS-4 trials, respectively.
  • Completed event adjudication of first cohort (2’200 patients): The 30 days and 1 year follow-up of 2’200 biomarker patients was completed 10/2013 and independent event adjudication finalized 02/2014.
  • Large biobank of > 100’000 patient samples: We are assessing expression profiles of inflammatory cells in blood and coronary thrombi and are performing biomarker analyses in blood, serum and plasma.
  • Excellent local support. This project could be realized thanks to the excellent work of previous and current SPUM fellows, study nurses and the local catheter teams; Zurich SPUM team (Fig. 2).
  • Increasing number of peer–reviewed publications